Friday, August 8, 2014

The Huntress : The Face of Fear

Learn your way around your emotions.
Make a map of them.
Welcome to the human experience.
Never use someones emotions as a scratching post
 for your own yearnings.

Adapted from a quote by
-Elizabeth Gilbert-

  Fight and flight responses assume a wide range of behaviors.
 The fight response may be manifested in angry, argumentative behavior,
 The flight response may be manifested through social withdrawal,
 substance abuse, and even television

Be careful who you trust 
The Devil was once an Angel

The mapping of human emotions reveals a strong mind body connection

FEARS training has A.S.R.(Adrenal Stress Response) drills .
We inoculate the trainee to the effects of the 'Chemical Cocktail' .
The goal is to familiarize the trainee with the effects of
 'the adrenalin dump' that occurs during a conflict.

In sales the issues I deal with stem from poor relationships
 between managers (people with titles) and the people they manage.
Trust is such a huge word.............
 it either means something,
or destroys it.

Deep caring comes easily at a relationship’s beginning.
 Lust and novelty keep us attentive to each other when we fall in love.
 It’s in the next phase, when routines and irritations set in, 
that protective love is tested.
 Deep connectedness, feeling our partner’s triumphs/setbacks as ours,
 is a hallmark of the early stages of love.
 We're careful with our words and behavior and take care not to hurt the other.
Remaining this attuned to a partner takes energy and commitment.

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

-Vince Lombardi-

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