Monday, May 26, 2014

Don't ask me to remember

Don't ask me to remember,
Don't try to make me understand,
I'm confused beyond your concept,
I'm sad and sick and lost,
I can rest knowing your with me,

All I know is that I need you,
to be with me at all cost.

Our Government is bought and corrupt.
It uses the courage and valor of the men and women in it's service to be 
'The worlds bully'  to serve it's own twisted agenda.
Yet, I will always take of my hat, put my hand on my heart,
and salute our service persons for their willingness to fight and protect
our constitution and the liberty of others.
Joseph Camppbell said it beautifully:
 The term hero is thrown around more often than it actually should be,
but you will know a real hero when you see one.
They are people who do something for the greater good in an unselfish act..
Three great forces rule our world:
Stupidity Fear and Greed.
-Albert Einstien-

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