Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Question of Influence

Funny this started of as a story about Memorial Day and reflection..... 

If we miss certain events in our lives
 we were meant to experience
what happened instead..
-Dan Pachtman-

 Patriotism consists not in waving the flag,
 but in striving that our country shall be righteous
 as well as strong
-James Bryce-

Of the people, by the people, for the people.... starts with people.
The truest path to a strong collective is to strengthen the components.

So what does being a strong and confident individual mean ?

How do I achieve it ?

Lesson one you could take from my dogs Spiff and Meeka as I do.
Every day they are happy to eat, drink water and play in the sunshine.
 I think some times we get so wrapped up in our 'plan' or our schedule
that we forget the simple joy that is our life.

I don't mean become complacent and submissive......
I mean celebrate the simple things.

Lesson two comes from a little girl .
 She was acting in a local stage production.
She was to sing and also had several lines in the play,
 and had rehearsed tirelessly for months.

As opening night grew closer her speaking parts were taken from her
The lines were distributed among 'the older kids'.

When I  complimented her on her performance she told me about how
'local theater politics'  had caused her lines to be redistributed,

she said,
"If  I keep practicing I'll get the lines next time."

I was so proud of this little girl !!!!
I sure didn't have that confidence and perseverance at that age.

As a salesperson , teacher and a martial artist I watch people quit every day.

The first step to overcoming adversity is not to personalize it.
Peoples objections to your performance, your words or you personally;
 has to do with the noise in their own heads not with what's really going on..

A great leader sees things as they truly are, not worse.....
 then inspire others to do the same.
Transforming vision into reality requires strategic,
 incremental change to achieve radical results.