Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fearless Fitness/Martial Arts: Saving a Starfish

Fearless Fitness/Martial Arts: Saving a Starfish: I was doing a weighted walk on the beach this morning.  No one on this island community wakes up at 5:30 am, apparently. I wa...

Saving a Starfish

I was doing a weighted walk on the beach this morning. 
No one on this island community wakes up at 5:30 am, apparently.

I was standing in the surf with All Time Lows' new CD, Future Hearts on the I pod.
Sweat dripped off me in the sunlight while a cool breeze tried to console my hot skin.

I looked to where the waves break on the resort beach and saw a beautiful starfish.
It had washed to shore and was beginning to dry in the sun.

How cool would it be on a coffee table !! 
Much to my surprise when I picked it up it was still alive,
 It had just become trapped in the waves and washed ashore.
I could let it dry out in the sun. A couple days and boy,
 would it look cool on that coffee table.

 I threw it back out onto the reef.

It's hard to believe its been nearly 5 years since my many surgeries for diverticulitis.
Following each surgery I suffered from memory loss from the pain medicine.
During this time I needed training partners that would talk me through
 each drill, kata, mitt sequence ect. Like the starfish I had washed ashore helpless.

We all at different times in all our lives face adversity.
A stronger opponent, the death of a parent, the 'tragic breakup',
the loss of a job or a large sum of money.

You can choose to see the curse or the gift.
 And this one choice will determine if your life
 is a success story or one big soap opera.

 -Jon Gordon-

Have you ever faced negative people before?
Wait — who am I kidding? Of course you have! I know I have.
Unless you live in a cocoon, all of us have encountered one negative person in our life.
Negative people are everywhere, in our workplace, in social circles, or our family.
The challenge with dealing with negative people is that they tend to be draining.
 No matter what you say, they always have a negative opinion to offer..
 When they have a problem, they prefer to complain, rather than work out a solution.

 He dropped out of grade school and was home schooled.
He ran a country store, went broke.
 It took 19 years to pay off all his bills, but he did pay them off.

 He had a law firm, but his partner ran off and left him with debts.
 He was married, but his marriage flopped.
 His wife came down with mental illness and paranoia.
 He had a son who was physically weak and died at a young age.

 He ran for political office four times,
 twice for the house and twice for the senate,and lost all four times.
Ultimately, he held office but was despised by half the country.

Satirists and newsmen derided him on an almost daily basis.
Most audiences felt his speeches were hum-drum.
 His classic speech was met with indifference.

Who was he? Abraham Lincoln.

Whether your the 'starfish or the beach walker your day will come
 if you DON'T QUIT !!!