Monday, February 4, 2013


Have you ever been a victim of an emotional shakedown ?
Someone you know or trust questions your integrity,
and it shakes your confidence.

Self-worth comes from one thing,
thinking that you are worthy.
-Wayne Dyer-

Joe Lewis taught me that we defeat opponents on different levels.
Mentally defeating an opponent by creating self doubt.

Physically defeating opponent is a matter of
victory through superior firepower, tactics or strategy.

Defeat a fighters spirit or 'heart' by analyzing a fighter, 
keeping him off balance by taking away his strong points.
This will erode his confidence. 

A fighter that embraces their inner awareness
 will become unstoppable
-Joe Lewis- 

In our lives we must embrace change and personal awareness.
We'll work tirelessly to cultivate an external environment that we lack inside.
We'll use superficial benchmarks to validate our existence grades,
 jobs, money and degrees from schools.

The road to rebuilding confidence begins with finding success.
Success in meeting your most basic and heart-felt needs.
 The black hole of needing will begin to be appeased,
 one nourishing meal or cup of coffee or honest conversation at time.

 If you don’t nurture the spirit and become self aware
 you will never be a real champion;
 in the ring, life, family, friendships, sports, school or on the job.

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