Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Matter of Inspiration..a letter to a friend

A flower that continues to bloom in the face of adversity is the most beautiful of all.
Adversity, pain & heartbreak are all seeds for the improvement of ourselves,
 or those we mentor.

I remember as a 13 year old boy meeting you for the first time.
You were a pretty intimidating guy, the kinda guy I wanted to become 
after being repeatedly bullied on the school bus.

Children must be taught how to think not what to did that.
The mind of a child is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.

You were not so much a teacher to me but an awakener.
We live our lives between the act of awakening and the act of surrender.
Each morning we awaken to the light, an invitation to a new day in the world of time.
Each night we surrender to the darkness to play in the world of dreams,
 where time is no more.

Often the profound effect we have on others goes unnoticed by us.

As parents we want to be heros to our children.
As warriors we want to leave the mark of our will, our signature,
on the hearts and minds of our students, and all who's lives we touch.

You have done that in me Thank You, It is an honor to call you a mentor and a friend.