Saturday, September 15, 2012

California Dreaming

The effort of the struggle to simply maintain,
and not quit is more meaningful than the victory.
You only lose if you fail to learn something.
 If your stamina ain't bendin''re just pretendin'.
- Joe Lewis-

During  Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace seminars, he would distract us from the screaming pain in our legs by making us sing the song, "California Dreaming".
 The song distracted us from the 'negative mental chatter' that occurred during the stretching regimen.......
Accepting your fears doesn’t happen overnight.
 It takes time and practice.

When you first address fears,
 your mind will tend to fight you.

This also occurs when you are close to overcoming challenges of any kind.

Fear is more intense when it pertains to the unknown.

    Atheists say that God doesn't exist and that death ends individual existence.
There should be nothing to fear from death,
 since your brain just shuts down.

 Christianity says that death brings judgment to the unrepentant.
If you go by the odds,
 either death brings the cessation of existence or some kind of paradise that is open for everybody.
 It is irrational to fear this kind of uncertainty.
The only uncertainty that should be feared is whether or not Christianity is true.
Get informed and make a rational decision.

At the Joe Lewis Memorial banquet the most powerful message was given by Joes' lifelong friend
Bill 'Superfoot ' Wallace.
Bill told us of a visit with Joe at the V.A. hospital.

 Joe had spoken very little in the final days and was slumped in a wheel chair as they walked outside.
 Bill said to Joe ,
"Joe we're gonna sing 'California Dreaming'....
 com'on Joe your gonna sing with me."
Bill started as always.....and Joe Lewis, who as early as Tuesday, Wednesday and now again Thursday had been given only a few hours to live ......... began to sing !! 
He sang the whole song with Bill,
 ( I'm sure Joe was thinking 'Ha got you fucker !')
 Joe passed away peacefully two days later with his loving children at his side.

At the memorial banquet Bill Wallace had all of us sing 'California Dreaming'.

This time we didn't sing to forget our pain or to mourn the loss of our friend and mentor,
we sang to celebrate his life.......

Courage is Staying One Step Ahead of Fear