Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ode to Matthew

He teacheth my hands to war.
 I shall pursue my enemies and overtake them.

 I shall not return until I finish them off.
I shall assault them and they will not be able to stand.
They will wail and beg and there will be no savior for them.
  He will not answer.

I shall pulverize them like the dust upon the face of the wind
  I shall tread upon them like the mud of the street 

Psalm 144
 You're making me angry.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. 
-Dr. David Banner-

I've learned in my many years of sales that selling from emotion is key.
Positive or Negative they gotta feel it ! 
I choose words that convey emotion to trigger a buying response.
 Don't let anyone tell you it is unprofessional to be passionate or enthusiastic.
 Emotional words make emotional connections.
 Everyone loves a story.
People connect emotionally with the story teller.

Buyers justify their purchases with facts and figures they buy on emotion.

In relationships,
Reacting  Bad....Responding Good !

Emotions are just emotions.
They are not right or wrong, good or bad.
However, when you allow your emotions to propel reactions, problems result.
Allow yourself to have whatever emotions you have.
Acknowledge them as how you feel.
Then, decide how you want to respond.
Reactions are derived from emotions alone.
 Responses are a result of consult with your brain before taking action.

In the movie Enter the Dragon
 while teaching one of his students Bruce Lee says,
"move with emotional content." 
 The student then snaps a kick with anger.  
With emotional content, not anger!
-Bruce Lee- 
 Joe Lewis teaches us,
 we must learn to allow thoughts to simultaneously participate in our actions,
 aggressive behavior (emotional content),
 combined with
 profound strategic certainty (confidence).

With good strategy there has to be appropriate balance
 we will perform passively.

A fighter needs  style and subtance and above all attitude.

Control your Attitude or it Controls You
-Joe Lewis-

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