Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Everyone needs a super hero

A Product of Legends

The Batman meets The Beast !

 Sandy Hook shooting victim Dylan Hockley couldn't wait to move to America.    
            Out of school Dylan developed a love of martial arts.
He and his father, and brother Jake trained daily at Extreme Fitness Martial Arts.
Dylan had special educational needs and died in the arms of classroom aide Anne Marie Murphy, who desperately tried to protect him from the killer Adam Lanza.

 Martial arts study allows a special needs student to interact with others.
 Confidence is another great benefit to all, special needs or otherwise.
Martial arts promotes physical health and development of motor skills.
Martial arts study stimulates brain activity and benefits memory retention.
The video above is an ESPN profile of American Top Teams Garrett Holeve.
Garrett was born with  Downs Syndrome....
MMA training changed him ......
Watch it ..it may change YOU !
What matters most is not what's in the mirror,
It's in the view

Police pulled a man over on Route 29 in Silver Spring Md.
because of a problem with his plates.
The car was a black Lamborghini, the license plate was the Batman symbol,
 and the driver was Batman. 

The Caped Crusader is a businessman from Baltimore County..
 He visits sick children in hospitals.
 up-and-coming superheros trying to beat cancer.

 He's not Bruce Wayne, but Lenny B. Robinson,
As he left a little boy cried,
"I want to go help him fight bad guys,"

His mom said, "You need to stay here and help your sister fight cancer."

 Lenny and I spent time together in our nations capital and,

I'm proud to say Lenny B. Robinson is my friend and
 my hero ......

Heroes get Remembered,
But Legends never die...
- Babe Ruth-


  1. I had the honor to meet Lenny in DC as well. At one point him and I were alonr and he spoke so highly of you Robb. He said "I can tell he is a great guy." I smiled and told him he was right. You are a great guy. Some people wish they were Batman. Batman wishes he was Robb Buckland ;)

    1. Thanks Darlene, It was surreal when I met him and he new me and the FEARS brand....I got goosebumps. I guess you never know how you touch peoples lives !!!

  2. please don't ever think that you could be a super hero by these martial arts training programs.Please get rid of all those myths from your mind and learn any kind of martial arts.

    1. Hi David ! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I remember in school taking reading comprehension classes.
      Thank you though for reminding me to be humble and that not all martial arts training mediums are effective.

      Thank goodness my training and teaching is based on the student/teacher enhancing a students confidence and self esteem.

      Perhaps that gift is 'my super power'?

      on Everyone needs a super hero