Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Huntress 'A Convenient Truth'

To doubt everything or to believe everything
 are two equally convenient solutions;
both dispense with the necessity of reflection.
The great irony of the human condition is that people who are meant to be together 
may not find each other at the proper em
otional time to fully realize the potential 
of their feelings for each other. In the beginning we'll find any excuse to spend time
 with one another, but in time we find 'convenient truths' to use as a catalyst
 to justify time apart or a total dissolution of the relationship.

In fitness 'convenient truths' come in the form of excuses like,

H.I.I.T. is too strenuous, 
CROSS FIT is dangerous.
Free weights will make me look like a body builder.
Power lifting will slow me down.
Yoga is for girls.

Are there things science shouldn't try to explain?
Science is knowledge and knowledge is power,
power to do good or evil.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
 -Paul Davies-

H.I.I.T is the fastest way to fitness.
Cross Fit causes muscle confusion that helps push you past  training plateaus.
Steroids make you look like a body builder.
Power lifting enhances explosive movement which enhances 'initial' speed.
Tonight it's raining glass on the forgotten side of town,
as a mind creates the third point of the triangle.
-Robb Buckland-