Saturday, August 9, 2014

Heffalumps "The Mighty Pen..............."

'The Pen is Mightier than the Sword'

'Heffalumps and Woozles' and 'Heffalumps Revisited' were blog posts from 2012
recently they've been getting a lot of attention.

I recently received this email.........

"Did you not think I read those stories? 
The heffalump was in reference to me to mock me,
 after seeing how much weight I had gained."

My response:
 'The Heffalump' and 'Heffalumps Revisited' were about negative body image.
Heffalumps were actually 'dream villans' that haunt Winnie the Pooh in his dreams.
According to Tigger they love honey and always want to steal it. . 

In the end of the dream Pooh wakes up eats some honey and says
 'what a wonderful dream'

The back story is,
 When your in a relationship your in a 'mental fog' seeing things your way.
Like Poohs dream when you wake up, or your over 'it'
 everything is OK cause all the negative shit was in your head anyway.

In my story the honey is my happiness,
 If you're the heffalump that would imply you were trying to steal
 my happiness (honey), by haunting my dreams.

 In the end Pooh woke up and was happy in spite of 'the Heffalump'

Years later Christopher Robin told 'Pooh
 it was all in his head and that Heffalumps didn't even exist.