Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Good Touch

In martial arts life and love we are all susceptible to the fantasy of 'the good touch'.

The old Kung Fu master touched his assailant, with no apparent effect. 
 Days later, the assailant died a sudden and mysterious death. 
 He was a victim of the legendary dim mak, the touch of death.

The Cantonese term 'dim mak' does not translate to 'death touch'.
A more accurate translation would be 'press artery'

There are pressure points on the body that when manipulated 
 cause immediate excruciating pain;
 also vital areas that require a small amount of force to inflict great damage.
As martial artists we are trained to protect these areas.

When it gets Intimate

Understanding the manipulation of these meridians allows for heightened awareness and
 states of arousal during intimacy actually creating a hungering for them.
This understanding leads to new sensations and/or states of arousal,
where we can achieve even more pleasure.

The Intimate Fighting Range

Though some pressure points happen to be located along arteries.
This does not make 'Dim Mak' synonymous with pressure point striking or grappling.
The 'Bubishi'  is the how and the where...

But is the practice of the how and the where a stand alone fighting STYLE ?

I think not .....
As a companion art I believe in the validity of Kyushu.
It's study is like a dictionary of striking points and methodologies.
As a stand alone defense system it's dangerous to believe in it's stand alone efficacy .

Martial Arts , Life and Love are all founded in part in Fantasy & Myths.
One such myth is that Kyushu alone will save you against a 'motivated assailant'.

Knowing how to hit,
 (boxing & kicking matrix, small circle ju-jitsu);
the development of interactive skills ie:
 movement vs firepower,controlling distance, 
set point control and aggressive defense,
ring generalship and controlling the pocket are hallmark attributes
 we train these attributes on a daily basis so as not to be vulnerable.