Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Walk of Shame

In music they call it a 'one hit wonder'.
Like Soft Cells'  Tainted Love.

Buster Douglas is a great example in the 'fight game'.

A 42/1 underdog handed Tyson his first professional defeat in 1990.
Leon Spinks defeat of Mohammad Ali in 1978
Spinks career record 26 wins 17 losses making the Ali victory
a kinda one hit wonder....

As far as life and love goes, we all know our share of 'walking travesties'.
We see them out at the local pub or hear their whispered stories
on the mat at the gym or by the water cooler, their lives a succession of 
'Walks of shame'.

As always in my musings I avoid the obvious, I leave it to you the reader to imply it.

One of my early karate teachers discouraged me from going to tournaments.
He told me that the rules were designed to eliminate the strengths 
of our style...specifically 'the grab'.

Joe Lewis encouraged what he called 'limitation sparring'.
A drill where you would eliminate one or more of your 'Aces'.
The idea was to enhance tactical efficacy in the event of injury or 'bad rules'.

Arthur Rabesa has such drills both on you tube, and his website.

I took 'the walk of shame' from many early tournaments.

I believed 'the master'....

I left those tournaments feeling weak and used after successive defeats.
I lost so many times my friend Tom didn't wanna go any more haha !

Roosevelt said,
It's far better to dare mighty things, 
To win glorious triumphs,
even though checkered by failure.....

Something had to change.
Joe lewis had always told me that he didn't have much respect for fighters
that were under 200 pounds. I was only 170 !!
A slow middleweight .... but I'd be a fast heavyweight.

After a tournament in my hometown of Pittsfield , MA
a referee came to me and said your gonna have to really hit your opponent
if you want to get the win. They are watching they're guys NOT YOU.

Lesson Learned !

With the help of a friend Dave Sinopoli (weight training advice)
 and boxing coach Dickie Eklund (footwork).

 I Lifted & 'Danced' (footwork drills), my way to 208 pounds
 Now I could hit like a heavyweight move like a lightweight !

Let me be strong enough to know when I am weak,
and brave enough to face myself when I am afraid,
Let me be proud and unbending in honest defeat,
 and humble and gentle in victory.

-Robb Buckland-