Friday, December 5, 2014

Mr Right or Just Mr Right now ?

So often in life we settle for what we can get rather than what we really want.

I'm at work, just after Black Friday...........
 not the best time of year to be in the Timeshare sales industry.
 Definitely the worst time for marketing for this industry.
It's said to be a success in sales all you have to do is talk to a lot of people,
what is potentially exciting about that is there are lots of people.
Now don't get me wrong,
 I understand that for every sale you miss because of your enthusiasm,
 you miss a hundred more from lacking enthusiasm. 

It's hard to be enthusiastic about a 40 something woman
 with disheveled hair and an English accent (unless she's in your bed, lol),
But, when it's your only customer for the day ....on a SATURDAY !!
Lawd help us !!!

I'm questioning the viability of this job.
There is no passion to be found in playing small,
just settling for a life that's less than the one you are capable of living.
Regret has a way of staring you in the face ......

I think the greater danger is in not aiming too high.
In life like in golf why settle for a bogey when you can shoot for an eagle.
Two words that nevered settled well with me are maturity and content.
I think they 'spell' decay ......

Obviously stymied by my 'right now' choice of employment ........
I've turned too the lovely and talented aspiring blogger Holly Arland
 for her take on this topic based on her experience.

Saddling up, settling down, or just settling?

Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, or Mr. Right now?

Why does this cowgirl read the body language of a 1200 lb majestic creature,
 but sees the body language of a man as a foreign ?

 Is the man as confused by the signals that emanate from him  ?

 Is it the distance he sets, the moral he lacks,
 or the sexy scent he puts off that confuses me?

Horses lack the capability of being deceitful for personal gain
 but have a sense of survival most humans thirst for !

 People seem to lack the moralistic capability of honesty and loyalty. 
So how is a high - minded woman like  myself supposed to identify
 Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Right Now
My, Mr. after 9 years  going to leave you alone in a world.....
A world which was created for two…. by two ?

What qualities prevail over the others? 
How do I rope a cowboy who will, compliment and balance me?

 What scale do I use? 

Am I searching for what's nonexistent or undeserved by yours truly? 
What is the definition of settling? 
Do I settle for the first thing that trots this way,
 like a horse with no gait? 
It's an ugly, uncomfortable ride . 

  Can I break a man like a wild horse and eventually call him my cowboy?
 What's the difference between settling for less
and compromising oneself?

 Forget settling down I am saddling up….
 Where are my boots??

My BFFL Gabby says....

Whether it be with work or romance,
everybody expects there to always be a right answer or "Mr. Right".

 When you take a look back and try to explain how you got where you
are there is no straight and narrow road.

 Life is full of mistakes and experiences and its not those situations that can answer your questions but how you reacted and your attitude.

 People like to blame Mr. Wrong on the man himself,
 but obviously what he does works for him and what he is trying to accomplish.

 Mr. Right Now is a forced action.

 They are the person that is placed in front of you
when you are looking for something specific.
 The funny thing about life is
 that the best things happen when they are least expected.

 Stop looking!!!

 Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now are a figurative concept imagined by people who feel that there questions always have to have an answer.

 Focus on yourself and things you love; your job, riding horses, martial arts, golf ...

Build yourself up and not what you are looking for, but what you need will just appear.
 Don't spend your life wondering or worrying spend your life living.

 When you are ready life will know.