Monday, December 8, 2014


The truth comes out a little at a time 

And it spreads just like a fire 

Slips off of your tongue like turpentine 

 You better be careful what you do 

I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes 

If they ever found you out 

 It never really added up any way 

You said you went out to a bar 
And walked some lady to her car 
But your face has more to tell 
Cuz my cousin saw you on the street 
With a red head named Bernice 

Turns out you don't lie too well 
Here's a bombshell just for you 
Turns out I've been lying too 

Yeah I'm a white liar 

 -Miranda Lambert-
'White Liar'

  In December of 2013 I decided for the convenience of remote deposit
 and other features to open a bank account with a national bank.

 I had a 'parting of ways' with Bank of America, 
 that left me with Wells Fargo .

 My first visit to the bank was an interesting experience.
I was greeted and treated like royalty.
My teller was a young Russian girl,
when I asked her how to access the 'upgraded features'
I was told I was 'establishing a relationship' with the bank,
and those fantastic features that had attracted me to them
 would be available to me after a year .

It's been a year !!!
And it's Facebook official !!

  Denise Lora Webster Davis says.....
The truth always comes to surface, Honesty starts by being honest with yourself 
 The choices your made im the past got you where you are today.
 Open up your heart and let the truth in for it will set you and those around free 
 and you will start to see a new meaning when you let the love and honesty inside.

I feel compelled to come clean with you my trusted readers.
The whole time I was 'establishing a relationship' with Wells Fargo
I was actually 'maintaining a relationship' on the side with Kennebunk Savings.

Honestly I don't feel I was being dishonest or 'cheating'.

After all a man has to