Sunday, December 16, 2012

Get off of my land !!!

Welcome to Sioux Falls, South Dakota !
Founded in 1856,Sioux Falls is the largest city in the U.S. state of South Dakota.
 The city was abandoned, sacked and resettled.

A prehistoric people  left numerous burial mounds on the high bluffs near the river.
 Later residents built fortified villages on many of the same sites.

There descendants are a population of 153,888 people.
 Residents live in fear of a militant law enforcement community.

Divorce capital of the nation
Beginning in the 1880s,
lax oversight on the part of local judges re: sworn testimony caused word to spread countrywide that divorce was easily obtained in Dakota Territory.
As a result Sioux Falls became known as the"divorce capital".
 The phenomenon had ended by the early 1900s.
Today's militant law enforcement community is dead set on the prevention of woman's rights.

On guard:
Investigators from the attorney generals office led by Investigator "Dave...", 
and Police officers converged on the Courtyard Marriott hotel at about 6am.
They emerged from unmarked black SUVs' and shouted at unarmed guests,
 "Get Off of my Land !"
The tense stand-off  ended about twenty hours later.
Two elegantly dressed women,
 with no previous criminal history's were eventually wrongfully arrested.
After being degraded and strip searched the women were released.

Authors note:
   Sources have confirmed that Chief Investigator 'Dave....'  had been caught engaged in "homosexual acts" by his first two wives resulting in his fear and hatred of women. 

  Clinical psychologists believe that this is what led to his maniacal hatred of women.
They said,"An individual like this fears exposure to his homophobic coworkers."

  Still unconfirmed are reports of bestiality and pedophilia by this same investigator.