Saturday, December 1, 2012

Who are you when im not looking ?

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”
 - Dr. Seuss -
  On the inside I know what I really want.
 I know what my values are.
 My ambition must not get in in the way.
Around me, things are falling apart;
 within me,
 they're falling together.

I've learned when you don’t understand your emotions;
you have only a limited capacity for self-respect,
 and you don’t have healthy relationships with people.

It's interesting the stories that we make up about who we are,
what we’re capable of, and what’s achievable or not.

The big question then becomes,
 how can we change our state of mind when not maximizing our true potential?

Tony Robbins poses an interesting question......
The toughest thing about chasing your dreams is managing the disciplines of persistent action and hopeful patience that are required to ultimately see the vision come to be.
This is an area of huge tension.
 How do dream chasers manage that tension and thrive?

After an exhausting weekend with the former Mikki Buckland,
 it is definitely time to move on.
In a book I read called The Energy Bus it talks about people like Mikki.
They're called Energy Vampires !!!

As human "beings" we all make mistakes...
We'd all do things differently......
 had we known then what we know now.
 What matters now is what you do now.
Let go of guilt. Let go of shame. Let go of blame.
This is "being" in the moment.
This is an empowered human being—the empowered YOU.
-Mike Klinger-

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