Monday, December 24, 2012

You Talk to Much

Have you begun a conversation with someone expecting a dialogue
 and discover the partner in this dialogue is engaging in a monologue?

What differentiates us from animals is that we can listen to others dreams,
 fears, joys, sorrows, desires and defeats and they can listen to ours,

    Let every person be quick to hear,
 slow to speak, slow to anger.
-James 1:19-

Good listening skills are important in life and in sales.
Monopolizing a conversation  makes others uncomfortable, even agitated.
 It negatively impacts establishing rapport or a common bond with a prospect.

 behind effective communication is the skill of being a good listener,
even when your partner says something hurtful or that you don't agree with.

Trust your Trainer (Joe Lewis)

 Listen to your trainer and don't allow your ego to dictate your actions.
This all boils down to following directions.
 Trust your trainer, do what he says.
Don't fall into the trap of letting your ego override your strategy.

Listen !!!
Self-esteem gives rise to self-confidence;
not the other way around.
A coach must understand this process to develop a student’s
level of consciousness.
Consciousness is one’s ultimate survival tool in a real altercation,
not some technique or style of martial arts.
For a fighter,
the authority of one’s will is their ultimate attribute.
-Joe Lewis-