Monday, December 24, 2012

The Anatomy of Courage

A coach must be able to help a student to believe in oneself.
 He must build self-esteem before confidence can surface.
 Self-esteem gives rise to self-confidence;
 not the other way around.
 A coach must understand this process to develop a student’s
 level of consciousness.
 Consciousness is one’s ultimate survival tool in a real altercation,
 not some technique or style of martial arts.
 For a fighter,
 the authority of one’s will is their ultimate attribute.
-Joe Lewis-

Vicky Soto,
A non-trained woman of exceptional courage
gave her life that others may live.
Her selfless act should be a cornerstone on all our lives.
So many people with the will and strength to survive being overcome by violence engage in and lose a fight for their lives  because they're out-massed, out-gunned and untrained. 
 Try to stop a moving car by getting in front of it instead of turning off the ignition.
Seeing a person as a machine—and then shutting it off—goes against everything we are and love.

It is a failure of our humanity and our society.

All of us wish we could have been at the verge a of disaster with a firearm,
 or at least armed with knowledge and skill and in the right place at the right time.
    Practice means that when it matters most it won’t be the first time you’ve done it, but the 101st.
That fantasy of making a difference is made real by preparation.

The worst time to be reminded that you meant to learn CPR,
is when someone is having a heart attack right in front of you.
  There is no beast within you waiting to be unleashed as your window of existence begins to close.
  You will only have what you brought with you.
Right now.......
You know how to run and you know how to hide. 
This is why I teach and train.
 I can’t be with you every moment of every day. 
 But the information, the knowledge can. .