Friday, December 7, 2012

Heard it before..?

 Just because you've said something a thousand times
doesn't mean your students have heard it a thousand times.
 -Rory Miller-
As a sales trainer and a martial arts trainer/coach a common term is,
 It's not so much you need to be taught as you need to be reminded.
I often experiment with different teaching and training methodologies.
It gives diferent perspective,
  keepin it fresh or more importantly  presenting differing viewpoints,
  improves the likelyhood of 'striking a cord' with a student or client.
As a student it's important to remind your self that you are a participant in life,
 not just an observer.
You may not 'get it' right away and thats ok, we're all wired differently.

 We are what we repeatedly do.

You've been told this every Holiday I repeat...

Replace aerobic exercise such as running with strength training,
 This will help prevent age-related fat gain.
 Research shows distance runners gain fat and increase waist size as they age.
   Sprint/interval training is the best conditioning method for fat loss,
  Use a precise interval program in order to get results.
 A round timer can help with precise work /rest intervals. 
Enjoy this Holiday season while staying true to your goals....
Joe Lewis on Okinawa-Te

 “The original system had a complete arsenal of weapon and non-weapon skills.
 It had the perfect blend of old-school pain-tolerance training,
 and scientific skills that utilized the least amount of effort and time to produce the maximum amount of damage. Its weaknesses are the amount of time it takes to learn all the long animal forms (there are 36, with one having up to 500 moves) and a lack of ‘balanced’ ground maneuvers.”
No system or methodology is complete,
or has all the answers but some are better than most.
Stay true to your goals, seek council through fellowship with like minded people
' Innovate don't Immitate' !!!
-Joe Lewis-