Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 rd Times a Charm.......

  1. courageous behavior, esp. in battle.
    "a medal awarded for outstanding gallantry during the raid"
    synonyms:braverycourage, courageousness

What he said.......

I respectfully nominate Robb Buckland for this year's JLFS Gallantry Award.  Over the past several years, Robb has endured and recovered from several delicate abdominal surgeries, emerging from each one stronger than before.  As soon as he is back on his feet - sooner than most men could ever hope for - he is right back to teaching the JLFS to his dedicated following.
Despite Robb's medical challenges, he has been a staunch supporter of Joe Lewis, the JLFS, and his brother and sister black belts in the Association.  He has traveled from Maine to my dojo - some eight hours - to train with Joe and me on several occasions as well as to Dennis Nackord's and Jeff Troshane's, as well as others, for simple day camps.  That's a tremendous investment in travel in order to support us, his JLFS family.

Faced with his medical issues, similar to Joe, Robb has never asked, "Why me?", but rather, "What more can I do to get past this and represent what the JLFS is all about?"  Robb Buckland's tenacity in and out of the ring, coupled with his gentleness of spirit, embody everything we as Joe Lewis Black Belts aspire to be.  In my professional opinion, Robb Buckland is a role model both to those working toward their Joe Lewis Black Belt and those of us who work toward maintaining the oath we took the day we achieved our coveted Joe Lewis ranks. 

The Mirriam-Webster dictionary defines gallantry as "spirited and conspicuous bravery".  Robb Buckland has demonstrated such bravery repeatedly and is more than worthy of the 2013 JLFS Gallantry Award.  Thank you for your consideration!

Respectfully yours,Dennis J. Campo
"Sometimes a teacher; always a student!"
President & Chief Instructor
Wisdom Way Martial Arts Inc.

What I said....

The best years of your life 
are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own.

You do not blame them on your mother,
your health, your spouse, your job 
or your financial situation.

 I've driven hundreds of miles and slept in my car 
to attend a day camp or seminar.

I taught a KickBox Fitness class benefiting the food
 pantry the week they put in my callastamy bag.

The last time I shared the mat with Joe Lewis was
at a hotel in western Massachusets with Phil Maltinado
5 days after having my illiostomy bag removed..

Ego is not your enemy.
 It is a necessary tool.
Without ego, we couldn't be aware of oneness.

Our seperate perspective allows us to understand the big picture.
In other words ego is contrast and necessary for growth. 

As we prepare for combat our rival pushes us to be the best we can be.

So is our rival our enemy or our best friend ??

My friend Angie told me,

Ego says you must be number one.
Spirit says you always have been.

Joe Lewis ..."Legends are Forever"
(Thank you Angie, Ian, Dennis,Mike and the Board)