Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Can....

Other than weighted walking and classes at the Joe Lewis Research Conference,
Since my surgery and resulting infection this was gym day #1.
 I'm staying at the Sheraton Uptown in ABQ New Mexico it's got a great gym and a salt water pool and have put together a training regimen for the next ten days.

First of all I should definitely tell you, 
if you have the opportunity to swim in a salt water pool DO IT !!

Salt water pools have become more popular because they have many advantages.
The first advantage is the level of comfort you experience.

Salt water is softer on your skin than chlorine.
Also, chlorine makes your eyes red and itchy and discolors hair.

 Chlorine pools create organochlorines which mimic human hormones.
They also cause fertility, immune system abnormalities, and various cancers.

 30 minutes of lap swimming in the salt water pool

3/3 minute rounds of footwork / shadow boxing

3/3 minute rounds of Bill Wallace's super stretching and kicking.

After a knee surgery,
 'Superfoot' had recommended I use a recumbent Lifecycle to aid in my recovery.

A woman hopped on the only bike while I was getting a water.
 Rather than kick her in the head,
 I hopped on the Elliptical Cross Trainer...

30 Minutes interval training (HIIT)
 with great music and graphics!

This thing Rocks.....!

HIIT describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less intense activity or rest.
 A basic workout is run for a minute then walk for two minutes.
 Repeat this 3 minute interval five times for a 15 minute FAT BLASTING WORKOUT !
Sound to simple to be effective?
Science doesn't stretch the truth HIIT works !

  Mentors like Dr Jerry Beasley, Joe Lewis, Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace
and Dr Gyi are instrumental in my evolution as a martial artist and a person..

Before approaching a potential mentor,
identify what you hope to gain from a mentoring relationship.
Determine then what mentor will best help  you acheive your  objectives.

Start by identifying your short term goals.
What knowlege,skills and abilities do you need to get there ?
Answers to these questions will help you chose your type of mentor.

Outside of Martial Arts.....
Mentors provide wisdom without pain
my mentors provide both
- robb buckland -

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