Monday, October 28, 2013

Referrals, Refrences and Testimonials

Opinions are like body parts some stink some don't.

In today's business,  and the world of love and relationships, references are key.

Identify what other people are saying or feeling about you or your business,
 and take steps to ensure that the general consensus is in line with your goals.

I just want the money and the fame and the adoration, and I don't want any of the other stuff.
-Mathew Broderick-

Each day you have a choice to create references as you reinforce,
 inspire or create positive change in others.

How would you like to inspire others to.........
  • Take greater initiative at home and school?
  • Take more responsibility for their actions?
  • Value togetherness as a family?
  • Consistently treat peers, adults and themselves with respect?
  • Be honest even when the truth is difficult to share?
  • Courageously face fears and persist through challenges?
  • Be less influenced by negative peer pressure 
  • Be more able to stand up for what they believe in?

In relationships 'he said she said' is not uncommon .
It's even more common when one side feels scorned !
Expect conflicting reports from two or more parties on most issues
between men and women when there are no other witnesses. 
Celebrate Those Who Inspire

Echo of greatness

I made an oath to Joe Lewis that his profound influence on my life,
training and personal development would echo in eternity.

Mr. Lewis,
 beyond being the greatest fighter of all time was a self developed intellectual.
He understood that the cognitive / meta physical produced the physical.
He shared that attributes must be aligned with thoughtful expressive purpose.
Above all else in life through his personal development journey,
 he focused on producing intellectual fighters.
Joe Lewis   &   Dennis Nackard

He expressed through action, writing, and conversation his distaste for individuals 
whom were unable to express themselves from the trapping
s of regimented activities and groups.
This theme carried through his coaching, political discourse and friendships.

Joe Lewis was an independent individual,
 this made his greatness by example that much more powerful.
There is no need to connect his legacy through comparison.
He was his own shining beacon as much as any other legendary
 Martial Artist / Scientist.

Mr. Lewis studied, 
lived and expressed his spirit at a level only reached by a few contemporaries,
Bruce Lee, Mike Stone, Chuck Norris and Bill Wallace.

Joe Lewis was a proud Marine,
 He often paid tribute to his training in the Marine Corps and 
traditional Okinawan Arts.
From this foundation he built an independent process
 by which he and others he mentored from could launch themselves
 into an expression of self through their own independent intrinsic spirit.

-Ian Marshall-