Sunday, September 7, 2014

Born Without Bones

In all Matters of Opinion, Our Adversaries are Insane.
- Oscar Wilde-

I've been doing 'weighted walking' each day for about an hour with the I pod,
The time with tunes drowning out the voices in your head and enhances creativity.

It was during one such walk  I remembered this story from 'the road.'

I  was getting off the elevator of the hotel and sitting on the couch in the hospitality suite 
was a beautiful blonde woman crying softly.

Of course the white knight takes over and I sit next to her and ask if shes o.k. .

Apparently her fiance' (a cowboy) was being prosecuted for stalking,
and was likely going to prison.

The story went on and on and my attention drifted in and out of the conversation.
Until I noticed an unusual scar on her shoulder.

When I inquired about the scar she told me she was


So being kind, considerate and with my most sincere tone.
I told her I was born without bones.

She looked amazed !!! 

I then told her I was adopted and wouldn't ya know she was too !
The tears started to roll down her cheeks.

I said, "What's wrong ?"

And then It happened.........

She looked up with tear filled eyes and said,

"Maybe were twins !"

In these times of instant gratification, 
fast food fitness (8 min abs,)
D.V.R.s. binge watching T.V.ect ;

It's easy to be fooled by the fake images / personas created by fancy online profiles

 The manipulative games people play on/with one another in business and relationships trying to serve their own selfish agendas
 Both are reprehensible to me. 

Rank, titles and awards are window dressing.

My approach to martial arts, my approach to fitness, my approach to love and life may be 
unbridaled, unorthodox and occasionally
offensive but......
With me what you see is what you get.


In giving you these stories
 I'm sharing my life with you,
Heart on my sleeve, Fire in my soul and a determined watchful eye to a better future.
Our prime purpose should be to strive to help others,
Not hurt them.

Now Smile ....Go make Someone Laugh.......This our Time ......