Sunday, September 7, 2014


The 'inconvenient truth' is
 eventually we all meet our replacement
-Robb Buckland- 

I recently had a 'situation' ..............

There's a hacker in East Falmouth !!
(well thats what his facebook page says)

This guys email contains a virus, a trojan horse.... 12 of them !!!
He hacked me, stole my contacts, corrupted my phone and
using my 'friends list' corrupted all my social networking accounts !! 

This is what he sent me:

Hey you!

Apparently we cannot be friends in real life until we are friends on Facebook... 

...I'm not sure who made that social rule but I am going to blame Mark Zuckerberg for it ;) 

Anyway, I want to be sure we are friends on Facebook. 

Be sure we are Facebook friends by clicking here          ***link removed*****

It will take you to my personal profile so that we can be friends in "real life" 

Ask me any question or pick my brain for valuable tips...Whatever you want! 

Call me crazy, but I actually like putting faces to the email addresses and getting to know the people behind the screens :) 

Talk soon (hopefully on Facebook), 
Sgt Nick Rains

Because of where this hacker guy is supposed to live I thought I was being hacked
 by 'someone who knew me', kind of a cyber reach around from 
'the other side of 'the triangle'.

Growing up, Dennis Alexio (former undisputed world heavyweight champion)
was a huge Joe Lewis fan !! Joe went to one of Alexios' title fights and was
turned away at the dressing room door like he was nothing....

Joe Lewis was the greatest Karate fighter of all time.

 Do you think Mike Tyson knew he was 'meeting his replacement'
when he stepped into the ring with Buster Douglas ?

I'm a person that gets better with practice.
Getting older is awesome ......
Because you get more practice !!