Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Words As Weapons

Stories don't end on the last page anymore than 
they begin on the first page.

We sometimes fail to remember that we have the power of life
 and death in our tongues and keyboards.

 I think it's probably a good idea to remember that we need to have love,
 faith and understanding of ourselves and to share it selflessly. 

No matter what your own perception of personal truth. 
 It's far to easy to use words as weapons especially right before 'a fall'.

 We are hard wired to resist change and when things don't go our way we tend to drag others down with us, usually it's the ones we care about the most.

The people we care about are just as troubled and insecure as we are.

Rope - a - Dope

Ali 'lost his legs' after a period of inactivity in his career.
He didn't float like a butterfly any more.

Because of this he used  legendary fighter, Archie Moores' strategy
Moore called the maneuver  'the turtle', Ali called it 'rope a dope'.

Instead of moving around the ring Ali fought leaning back against the ropes
 taking most of Foremans' heaviest blows.

It worked, he won but in essence he sacrificed himself for the win.

.......In the end Superman dies anyway, it isn't a fairy tale.

In the street the trophy is your life try to do and say the right thing along the way.

 Were all just livin'.

I tell my daughter Alli , "We do the right thing cause it's the right thing to do."
Now I've gotta learn to 'walk that walk.'