Friday, September 12, 2014

Cleanse that Palate

There Comes A Time When You Realize

 Turning The page is the Best Feeling in the World,
Because You Realize there is so much more to 
than the Page you were Stuck On.

-Robb Buckland-

A common ritual in both wine tasting and fine dining is to cleanse the palate.
It is easier to appreciate all the complex and varied flavors you are sampling
if you clear one taste from your senses before attempting the next.

Change isn't easy, especially if you have a bad taste in your mouth.
Whether it's changing coaches,trainers,gyms, Dojos or training methods.
Separating from what we feel comfortable with is not easy but ...
Life is Change

Feel the Fire when she walks

Lola Montez so Beautiful

Shady and a tempered dame

Blinding your eyes with her spider dance

no words will later come

 Did the spider bite your tongue ? 

 We will surely not forget

The Lola Spider Dance

'Lola Montez'

Love , Martial Arts training and business are sooo similar.

Just like with Lola, when she's dirty & flirtatious with you it's HOT.

As soon as she's with someone else we call her a whore.
(When she was your whore it was o.k. though, RIGHT  ??)

It's a psychosis , I have it too.
In business we 'take the gloves off' !!!
What does that really mean ?

We'll say or do WHATEVER to get that deal.
That doesn't generate alot of referrals.

We leave a gym, martial arts style or instructor
 we 'knock' the other style, instructor or coaches methodologies,
Because we are hard wired to resist change.

Twisted but true.

Who is she  ??

After a separation she became a ‘shipboard liaison’.

She thought her escapades were a secret.....

But, Lola Montez was the talk of the town.

The ‘real’ story of Lola Montez was no secret.

She wasn't much of a dancer but her suggestive,

 eccentric antics excited the crowd.

My friend Jerry  ridicules me on regular basis
 on the subject of love  vs  'just gettin some'

In business, love and Fitness,


We need to aspire to inspire,
We need to have the courage to tell the truth,
The heart to face our fears
and the perseverance to never quit.

Someone I used to know said to me,

" I don't want to be just 'another'."

If you don't wanna be 'Just Another'
You've Gotta, 

Be the One, 
Do not Dwell in the past,
Do not Dream of the Future
The answer isn't in the Why
It's in Living in the Present

-Robb Buckland-

In everyones' life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.
 It is then burst into flame
 by an encounter with another human being.
 We all should be thankful for those who rekindle our spirit.
-Albert Schweitzer-