Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Douche bags day in court

I think its funny that people who treat you like shit
 get offended when you finally do the same to them.

Former Lee police chief Joe Buffis on Wednesday denied charges of extortion, 
money laundering and wire / mail fraud in U.S. District court in Massachusetts.
This guy stole over $52,000. from a children's Christmas Toy Fund !!!!

Why do I care what happens to this DOUCHE BAG ??

This guy made my life a living hell when I was growing up .
He put in 'the system' that I was 'armed and dangerous'.

I would get randomly pulled over 'cuffed and stuffed' at gunpoint,
I would be made to wait in a cruiser while my car was searched.

Nothing was ever found - no charges were ever filed,
until a 'bitch' named karma reached out and 'cuffed and stuffed' him !

Be Good, Do Good !
 When a birds alive it eats ants,
when it dies ants eat the bird.

Time and circumstances can change at anytime
Don't devalue anyone in life.

You may be powerful today, but time is more powerful than you.

One tree can make a million matchsticks.
One matchstick can burn a forest of a million trees.

At the karma cafe' you'll be served what you deserve.
Karma has no deadline and she's a bitch.

It's a lie to say you have to let go of the past.
Nobody can let go of memories.

Each tear is an unforgettable memory.
Each smile is an undeniable mark.
Each heartbreak is an un-erasable scar.

There is no letting go, only moving on !!

For the innocent, the past may hold a reward. but for the treacherous
it's only a matter of time before time delivers what they truly deserve.