Friday, September 26, 2014

The Treachery of the Ambiguous

The complexity and 'truth'  of human contact 
is being replaced with simple, scalable equations,

We maintain hundreds, even thousands more friends
than any human in history, 
at the cost of complexity and depth.

Every minute spent online is 'face-to face' time lost.

Robb Buckland

The best of characters are attractive and repulsive at the same time.
I piss alot of people off with my stories because they read themselves into them.

One of the greatest hazards in life is to risk nothing at all.
Living well is to risk dying.
Loving well is to risk rejection.
Being a wordsmith is to risk being 'unfriended & blocked'

All are obstacles you encounter when you take your eyes off  your goal.

Facing and overcoming obstacles and fears
 in the Dojo and the gym gives us the courage 
to face any challenge we'll face in life and love.

Beware the Devil was once an Angel.
He doesn't come to you with a red face and horns, 
he comes to you disguised as everything you ever wanted.

Character is developed through actions.
Positive and negative energy both give off a vibe.
Trust 'the vibe', energy rarely lies.
That 'stomach thing is your 'spider sense'
Trust It !!

Let go, let go of how you thought life should be,
and embrace the life that's trying to break through.

It is not who I am underneath,
 but what I do that defines me.
-Bruce Wayne-
One last thing,......They're just words.

When 3 people have sex it's called a threesome
When two people have sex it's called a twosome
Why do people call me handsome  ??