Sunday, September 28, 2014

Seasons in the Sun

I was on the runway, I was gonna make it.
I was gonna get too say goodbye,
Then Dennis called......He was gone.

Each day I begin by doing a weighted walk through the cemetery.
My way of cheating death each day.

I would like to make a toast to lying,
 cheating, stealing, & drinking.

If you are gonna lie, lie for a friend.

If your going to steal, steal a heart.

If your going to cheat, cheat death itself,
And if your going to drink, drink with me my friend.

Death is lifes' way of telling you your fired.
Three days after you die your hair and fingernails keep growing
 but the phone calls and texts taper off.

Death doesn't come to the living soul nor does age to the loving heart.
I don't know who said that but it's pretty damn romantic.

I'm binge watching 'Orange is the New Black' season two,
the lead character gets a furlough to see her dying grandma
only to find that the grandma is already dead. 

I'm thinking all of us are equally damaged
we cling on to faulty beliefs, or are guided by friends
who are equally damaged.

I'm a wordsmith, 
I've been to College, and I'm attending the school of life.

Through that I have come to the realization that
Myths and Fairy tales are designed to teach a lesson.

Unfortunately the modern versions have been 'scrubbed clean' for 
our modern consumption. A society that supports the notion of
trophies for all participants in childrens' sports,
  needs to believe in happy endings.

The 'real' stories are usually quite disturbing.
Take the brothers Grimm for example.

Sleeping beauty

A King hunting in the woods stumbles upon sleeping beauty and rapes her
then brings her home to one of his estates.
 she later bears two children who the Kings wife eats.

Little Red Riding Hood

Arrives at grandmas' house and eats her, takes her clothes off
then slips into bed naked where she loses her virginity to the wolf.
A French idiom for a girl having lost her virginity was
'elle avoit yu'      She has seen the wolf.


Cinderellas' sisters cut off parts of their feet to fit in the glass slippers.
Later their eyes are pecked out by Doves.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.
In the Grimm version of this story she does, a little too often.

Not with the prince though, with random beggars and thieves.
She winds up pregnant,begging in the streets.
  The witch cuts off her hair and transports her away.

We obviously live in a world of monsters and ghosts and things
 that want to steal your heart, it's not unreasonable to still have hope.
That's why Disney protects us by 'scrubbing' our stories for us.
So we can hold onto our belief  in  Angels, & Dreams 

The  'the goddess' was a myth.
Tinkerbell is now a truck stop hooker and
 Rapunzels' hair extensions are on the night stand of
a seedy roadside motel.......... not a castle.

Expectation is the root of all heartache.
-William Shakespeare-

The foundation we search for in Love, Life and Fitness is 
facilitated by our devotion to self, in the Dojo and the Gym.

We don't want to surrender  ourselves to the problem
rather than the solution.

Womens' intuition is a good signpost for decision making,
but it usually bumps up against mans' logic.

We have to put ego aside and listen.

The I-pod, gym, and Dojo can become an escape rather than a tool

if we are not careful to give significance to all aspects of our lives,

Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams
than the imagination when awake ?
-Leonardo Da Vinci-