Monday, October 27, 2014


I wish neither to possess, nor be possessed.
I no longer covet paradise, 
more important, I no longer fear hell.

The medicine for my suffering
I had within me from the beginning.
But I did not take it.

My ailment came from within myself,
but I did not observe it until this moment.

Now I see I will never find the light
unless, like the candle,
 I am my own fuel, consuming myself.

 The Silent Flute,
 - Bruce Lee -
 October 19, 1970


        People we cherish in our lives will sometimes become estranged from us.
Good friends are like stars, you may not always see them but they'll always be there.

When you perceive yourself as being hurt,
 you don't want to hear about someones best intentions,
you want them to acknowledge harm and take responsibility.

Men kick friendship / love like a football,
but it doesn't seem to crack.
Women treat it like glass and it all goes to pieces.

'Night' can fall at any time, concentration turns to fear and desperation.

I'm trying to make this a kinder and gentler story.
I could live without speaking up, all I'd have to lose is my vanity.
Recently I've had writers block...... I know what your thinking,..

 I'm not really tortured, inspired, pissed off or disgusted. 
Therefore this will be a random mish-mash of collected sentences
edited from unused  stories, and insights collected over the last couple weeks
 I've started, then lost the inspiration to complete several stories.
 These are the tattered remnants of those musings.

In writing, relationships and sales you need positive
 or negative emotion to be successful.

I've got nothin !!

September was a record month with 26 stories and lots of drama having been hacked
by someone using some pretty interesting tactics requiring me to get new bank cards,
a new operating system for both the computer and the phone.
I changed emails and my phone number.
Sorry to all that were inconvenienced.

October we had the JLFS conference. 
 Mid November is almost here and we head to Martial Arts University.

Only 20 stories in October.
 Once you see the truth for what it is,
 anger and resentment is replaced with hope, faith and forgiveness.

 Everyone has been fooled
by the 'perfume on the pig' at one time or another.
it wears 'makeup' like graphiti on the walls of the heartland.

Life is a journey, you never know what 'state' you find yourself in.
It's not real healthy to keep 'a book of conspiracies' in your hand.

Though the past is 'a days bus ride from here' 
when the day is over and the sun is settling down you look to the 
horizon you can see the silhouette, that darkness that nearly consumed you.

You are your your own fuel, you can see the light if you,
 like the candle, consume yourself.

The ailment is within and so is the cure.

-Robb Buckland-