Monday, October 6, 2014

Hung like a Hampster, big around as a beer can.

We are so accustomed to hiding our true selves from others
 that we end up hiding from ourselves.

In some cultures it is a sign of status to have your earlobes stretched. 
I've seen this more and more recently.
 B.B.C. news says it is more prevalent over the last 5-6 years
 and that it's not just the 'tattoo and peircing' crowd that's doing this. 

Growing up I 'retooled' myself by going to the gym daily,
 running and cross training in various Martial Arts.
I suffered from low self esteem, these activities gave me confidence
and helped to repair my self esteem.

Fortunately for my kids, confidence is nurtured not genetic.
They excel in sports and social situations.
  For me it was a full time job of personal reprogramming
 that drove me to my various successes.

Raising the bar too high ?

How high is high enough ?

I remember Billy Major calling me from the Pittsfield Boxing Club.
My daughter Alli, had on her own, decided to train and spar at his gym.
 She was knocking out 18 year old boys at age 13 and won the Black Belt Division Grand Championship in fighting and forms at
 the Boston Nationals AS A BROWN BELT !!   

For my son Drew 'the struggle' was a little different.
Following the death of his step father Drew decided he wanted to be a lineman.

He applied, secured tuition and off he went.
For a guy with FEARLESS as an email he was no stranger to danger !
Apple   - Tree
Drew trains in kickboxing and regularly drags his butt to the gym.
He has fought as a teen in both the U.S. and Canada.
Joe Lewis would be proud...I know I am.
Now just come to Maine son....we need good linemen. 

Suellen had it tougher than the rest.
Her biological father has been 'run out of town' every where he ever worked.
 Suz loves her dad but has eclipsed his 'dark influence'.

It is so cool to see her 'work a table at a restaurant / bar,
consistently outselling her co-workers !!

Rock on Suz !!

Someone I used to know told me, that when she did catering work for extra money
she felt people looked down on her because she was serving them.

Ghandi said,
There is no shame in losing yourself in the service to others.

I think doing good things for, and helping others is the greatest measure of  personal excellence.

Living your life doing good things and leaving your 'mark' is your gateway to immortality.

Doing good for others heals us on the inside and the resulting 'ripple effect' 
causes us to speak, think and live in the affirmative.