Friday, October 24, 2014

The Unbridled Beast

The world of relationships and associations is a wild animal,
 untamed & unbridled .
 It's allure is overpowering to all of us.

 More often than not it is 'kryptonite' to our individual creativity. 

We are attracted to it's allure like moths to flame
 but invariably the flame that burns brightest burns out fastest.

 Like Icarus we crash and from the ashes rise again to try again,
 because we are hardwired to fight against failure.

Fall Down 5 times get up 6  =  Champion

This is exemplified in relationships by the perceived need for a shoulder to lean on,
or a hand to hold while waiting for whispered words we need to feel self worth again.

We forget that it's actions that make the difference not just words.
Out of desperation you yearn to feel what you thought you never would again.
So you believe the empty words.

Associations in life, love and Martial Arts will leave you dizzy if you
 try to follow the downward spiral of 'their' devolving, revolving door hearts.

Lost opportunities cause an erosion of confidence causing the 
experience of life to be so difficult for so many.

I remember being so proud of being a Joe Lewis Black Belt
 Joe would call you out of a crowd of a hundred seminar participants
and introduce you as one of his few Black Belts.

Captains & Sailors

There are more 'Grand Masters' in North America than in all of Asia.
I read there are over 1000 Kenpo 10th Dans !!

I watched a handful more Grand Masters get promoted 
at the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Conference.
Congratulations Gentlemen !!!

To maintain 'legitimacy' and integrity in the 'Fellowship of Valor',
adheres to a strict policy of 'time in grade' and board screenings.
After all it is a business. 
The business of maintaining the legacy of our fallen mentor.

It is my fervent desire that joy and good fellowship reign, and in this manner,
may the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems 'torch' pursue it's way through the ages,
increasing friendly understanding among Martial Artists,
for the good of  all, inspiring more enthusiasm in future generations.