Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sophia and the Circle of Life

A friends daughter told me story about a week ago.
It's too good not to share, so here goes.

Sophia has dogs and cats but she wanted a fish.
After all kids love animals as pets.

They have a magical capacity to love unconditionally.
I think they see the word like an animal does.

Sophias' parents got her a fish,
and they set up a bowl as the fishes home.

Sophias' mom asked me to not use her name in this story'
you'll discover why in a minute.

Children are born with a love and affinity for nature,
Sophia loved her fish .

One day while Sophia was at school her mom decided to
'spice up the bowl' with some sea glass.

"Hey Lady I'm a fresh water fish, sea glass is from the sea".

But Sophias' mom apparently didn't hear what the fish was saying;
maybe she couldn't speak goldfish.......

The fish died almost instantly.
How was 'mom' gonna tell Sophia .....

'Mom' decided to feed the dead fish to their chickens.
'Mom' told me the upside was she got to teach Sophia about
'The Circle of Life'.

WHAT  !?!

In the future mom is only allowed to nurture Swedish

It's easier to build up a child  than too repair an adult
so choose your words carefully.

I measure my life in moments not milestones.
My kids have taught me to be happy for no reason , always be curious
and to fight tirelessly for something I believe in.

While we try to teach our children something about life,
 they are teaching us what lifes' all about.

 The World of Kings and Liars

The 'Kings' are the dictators, 
those who would dictate to us what we are and are not capable of.

The 'Liars' are those who misdirect us for the sake of their own agenda.

In this brave new world we are the sculptor and the clay.

 As human beings we all develop emotional patterns.
These are mental or emotional states that tend to filter how we look at our lives.
You can change your emotional mood by a radical change in your physiology.

BTW  Sophia is just fine  and she has a wonderful  loving family.
She also has a friend named Robb Buckland !!