Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Grinch who Sold Timeshare

Did you ever notice Tinkerbell and the Grinch look similar ?

They could be related, just sayin'.

She does have those enhanced 'laugh lines',
 from years of trading away her humility
 'trick', by 'trick',
under the spell of 'the liquid muse'........

Leave it to me to say or write 'the wrong thing'....Ha ha !
Don't pick on the pixie !!!

I was bored as hell at work the other day and a friend joked that I had a 'Devilish grin'
My response was something about the Grinch and this story was born.

The Grinch that Sold Timeshare

The Grinch is a bitter, grouchy, cave dwelling creature from Wells, Maine.
His heart was two sizes to small and his only companions were his dogs:
 Meeka, Spiff and Dollar.

From his perch high atop Mt. Agamenticus the Grinch could hear the noisy activities
at the 84 Main Resort in Kennebunk. This annoyed the Grinch and he set out to 
stop the mooches from wasting the sales rep, Lucy Loos'  time.

He crudely disguises himself as a sales manager,
 and sets off to steal the 'gifts' and snacks,
 load them into his sleigh, and bring them back to his perch
to dump them all into the abyss.

As the sun set on Lucy Loos' 3 hour tour, he expects to hear the mooches
bitter sorrowful cries, but is confused to hear them singing a joyous song instead.
Yup, the 'song' of buying questions !!!

He 'puzzles' for a moment until it dawns upon him, perhaps there is more to this
mooches visit than just a quest for gifts and free food.
 This mooch might BUY something.

The Grinch's shrunken heart suddenly grows three times larger.
Lucy Loo turned the table over to the Grinch.
 The Grinch proceeds to work a series of nose bleed price drops, to no avail. 

The mooch owned timeshare, a campground membership,
 an RV, had kids in college,  a vacation home, and were renovating a home,
while raising their grand kids because their kids were on drugs.
 They were buying a new home and couldn't have a 'hit' on their credit.
They were recieving cancer treatments, having surgeries
 and taking care of their sick handicaped mother !!

If they'd have seen this program at a different time...
when their grand kids weren't so young,
there children didn't need so much help with their young children
and they weren't so old this would've been perfect for them. 

They did say though if the Grinch gave them a copy of the paperwork
 that they'd have their attorney, accountant and financial advisor review it.
At that point they'd discuss it with their kids and they'd be back.

On the bright side they said that their sales rep little Lucy Loo
 did a great job, they didn't mind the view of the Sunoco station
and that they learned a lot and had fun.


Thank goodness the marketing company
 will only invite them back twice a year !!