Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flavor of the Weak

Each of us has a cunning 'shadow self'
 (what Jung and Freud call ego)

That's where the 'righteous anger' routine comes from.
Similar to 'convienent truth' as a method of deflection.

You simply feel that you've been done wrong , and it's unacceptable.
Someone has to say sorry and it's not going to be you.

It's easy to tell others to stay calm and move on 
until the 'shit hits the fan'  in our own lives, then its 'gloves off'' !

At this point it's VERY difficult to find a 'neutral perspective'.
Focus on goals and a clearly defined purpose is jeopardized.
This delusional approach will likely bury you in a shallow grave of lies.

Life is a long rainy storm,  learning to 'Dance in the Rain' 
before the storm passes is liberating.

I've been doing an exercise taught to me by George E Mattson.
George is the North American Uechi Ryu Karate Founder, a mentor and a friend.

How simple is this ?
Perform Master Uechis' Sanchin Kata at 'Tai Chi' speed.
If you can master this ultra slow motion method of introspective analysis
you can get past any person or event that is renting space in your head..

One of my sales reps is so wrapped up in her phone and what's going on with
Facebook , that it effects her sales every time.

The ability to separate yourself from social drama in favor of a beneficial goal
is paramount in fitness, martial arts, love and life.

I had a student we called 'Tinkerbell' During training breaks she would 
go to her gym bag and check her texts, obviously adversely affected by 
the message she received, I finally asked her why she did that.

She explained that her ex was the title holder of her car and was 
calling her and texting trying to control her using the car as  leverage.

I could have a million more friends if I would just change my point of view.
Joe Lewis said we as fighters should maintain 
'constant forward pressure'.

I  think the same applies to all aspects of our lives. Don't get distracted.
Assume the topless lady invariably has something up her sleeve.
If your steadily losing you aren't using what you know is right.

Even if you do the right thing and are steel willed
the 'hocus - pocus' in our lives leaves us maladjusted
and your tears get rusted.

As martial artists we strive to forge a body of steel in the fire of our will.
I suggest you maintain an insurance policy that includes collision;
then leave the wreckage at the door.

Our Dreams are Important
We must Leverage our Passion to Honor Them !!!