Monday, October 13, 2014

What do you see in his 'BUNNY EYES' ?

The eyes can tell you everything you need to know.

If dreams are lightning and thunder desire,
 this 'old house would've burned down long ago.
With Summer in full retreat, it feels sometimes that our shadow is casting us.

In Atlantic City, killing a buffet with my friend and mentor Joe Lewis;
I remember a conversation about the difference between being internally
and externally focused in fighting.


When you observe an adversary it is pretty easy to read someone by their eyes.
In the movie Stick  Burt Reynolds said,
"He's got 'bunny eyes' .

In Uechi Ryu they say, 'Glare in the Eyes with Fast hands'.

Outside Martial Arts it works the same way as in 'the fight game'.
You can read someones level of commitment or 'heart' by the same means.

In women 'the resting bitch face' is a good indicator to WATCH OUT !
They are ruled by emotion and rarely have 'Bunny Eyes'.

In men there is a BIG difference between 'a soulful look' and 'Bunny Eyes'.
It's easy to mistake this look as sullen or passive aggressive.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

True Story

With an effective 'Thousand yard stare', you can make 
'ole bunny eyes' leave their 'place' and crawl back to the place where 
their weak and damaged soul used to hide.

Or as Joe Lewis would say, "Send 'em back home cryin' to their momma".

Joe would talk about an attitude technique, 'sitting an opponent down'
will go a long way in the crushing of an adversaries' spirit.
Bill Wallace used to 'talk' to Joe in the clinch to frustrate him
in an effort to break his concentration.

'True Victory' comes from defeating an opponent on all levels.