Sunday, October 19, 2014

Your Dirty 'Ass'

Don't allow the Demons of your past
  unpack their baggage at the door of your future

This is the story of an old donkey and a farmer.
One day the farmers old donkey fell into his well.
Despite repeated attempts the farmer couldn't get the old donkey out of the well.
The well was running dry, and the donkey was old,
 so he decided to fill in the well with the old donkey in it.

The surrounding townspeople came to help but still couldn't lift out the donkey and finally were resigned to helping the farmer to fill in the well with the donkey in it.

The farmer would shovel dirt in the well and the donkey would shake off the dirt
 and then step up onto it until he rose up and actually stepped out of the well.... !

You dont develop courage by being happy
in your relationships everyday.

You develop it by overcoming adversity
 by surviving difficult times
and challenging adversity every day. 

O.K. so there might be one more lesson we can learn from this 'ass' .

The donkey bit the farmer in the ass and he got an infection and died.

The first lesson is obvious shake off the dirt and rise 
the second lesson ?

If you try to 'cover your ass' it'll bite you in the but in the end.